UK producer, Fonik, has released his newest EP, "Mayan Apocalypse". The EP's title track is a progressive fusion of electro-house and dubstep stylings, creating an energetic, original sound. The synthy opening to "Mayan Apocalypse", will remind devout electronic music fans of Porter Robinson's "Unison". However, the track quickly changes direction after the listener hears that "this is the end of the world". What ensues afterward is a chaotic blending of Knife Party and Flux Pavillion & Doctor P. At the five-minute mark, Fonik brings a brutal dubstep drop that combines with string and electronic effects, creating an epic feel that sounds like it can serve as the soundtrack of a war. "Mayan Apocalypse" takes the listener on a journey through melodic transitions, brutal drops, and heavy breakdowns, supplying a heavy metal/electronic music hybrid that has something for everyone. Fonik has also offered up his brand new EP for download free. Check out Fonik's "Mayan Apocalypse" EP and download it here.

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