Everyone has a friend (or two) that claims to know everything about music, even if it isn't true. No one is better at exposing those people than Jimmy Kimmel and his "Lie Witness News" team. They've been showing that people are full of bologna in many different areas; politics, social issues, movies and most notably, music.

They hit Coachella in 2013 to talk about their favorite songs from bands that were completely made up. Last year at SXSW, they were able to get fans to talk about how much they enjoy music from bands that do not exist. Now, they've returned to SXSW — new year, same result.

According to one fan, DJ Underwire is "really mixing it up," and bringing back turnatablism. Watch out, A-Trak! DJ Gluten on the other hand has a sound that's hard to tolerate for many. However, one fan enjoys it, claiming he has a song he can't quite remember the name of on his phone. Most likely, it's the hit track "Rice Crackers." Another fan also enjoys the vibe of DJ Cialis, who's known for getting the crowd up. He also notes his fantastic use of high-hats. Nice.

This is one of our favorite traditions, and one that we hope doesn't end any time soon. Let it be a lesson to those who pretend to know everything about music. You may be getting punk'd by Jimmy Kimmel and the "Lie Witness News" team for the whole country to see. Check out the latest "Lie Witness News" from SXSW above.

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