Paige, who is an emerging DJ currently on tour with Avicii, took time out of his hectic schedule to answer a few questions for Elektro.

Where did you grow up? I remember moving a lot until I was around 10. Thankfully, Oyster Bay became home for middle school and high school. I never had to go far in the summer to go surfing.

Who were your musical influences growing up? By far, my dad. He taught me to DJ and taught me all about music when I was a kid. Pops had a crazy record collection, a lot of disco stuff too, so dance music has always been home for me. I also grew up on Michael Jackson's music when I was a kid. I still know the dance moves in the Thriller video.

At what age did you start DJing? Producing? I remember mixing on my Dad’s Technique 1200’s in the garage when I was around 11 or 12. It’s so funny that to this day, I swear I never scratched a record, because I never wanted to leave any scratches on Dad’s records.

Where was your first DJ gig? How did it go? When I was 16 or 17 I auditioned to DJ at this place called Shy lounge on Long Island and I got the gig. I just remember all of my friends and a few family members being there. Great night! Aunt Val coming definitely the highlight!

How do you describe your style? I don’t like to say I play trance or electro or anything, because I love all music. I can’t put a label on my music or style, but my goal is always to take people on a journey, dancing along the way. My hope is they always feel my love through those speakers. I want to make people dance, call it whatever you want.

If you could collaborate with any artist, any genre, who would it be? There are so many, but right at the top of the list would be Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyonce. I’ve definitely got a long list. I would love to work with Janet Jackson, Max C, Deborah Cox. The list for me is literally endless and the list of DJs is even longer.

Elektro was there for your set at The National during Miami Music Week. Was that your first time in Miami for this event? Tell us about your experiences that week. This was my first time spinning down there for music week, but I’ve been to down for Music Week a couple of times. The whole week went so fast. I literally went straight from the airport to the Raleigh Hotel for my first gig at Avicii’s pool party. Then I had an amazing night DJ’ing at Danny Tenaglia’s party at Ice Palace. I closed out the week at the National Hotel with the Spin Agency party. I loved every minute of it and I made so many new friends, getting to DJ with some of the best DJ’s in the world. Truly an amazing week for me. I'm humbled to be playing parties with guys like Avicii and Danny.

How did the track “Leave it All Behind” come about? I made that track in the middle of the night, literally, started working on it like two in the morning and when I started hearing birds outside, when the sun was coming up, it was just about finished. It was magic that Alexis Bieshiada came in for a session the next day and when she heard it, felt the vibe of the track and the melody came instantly. We wrote that together about leaving the past behind and pursuing your dreams at any cost. I felt a great energy and think she’s so talented that I just knew it had to be the first single. I hope people feel inspired by it because it's really about all things being possible.

Tell us about “The Paige Project.” Really that’s just how my team, from the studio to the shows. Together we all feel like we’re on a mission to make great music and shows, so we started calling our sessions that. It’s really a ton of new music we’ve finished that I think people will love. I’ve had amazing artists and producers that I’ve been able to get in the studio and work with, that’s been humbling. Now there’s an album coming this year introducing some of the most talented new artists, like Alexis, and some BIG top secret stuff I can’t say anything about, but that’s got a super-secret name.

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it? I would eat chocolate all day, make music on a private jet to Fiji for surfing, then make more tracks on the way to Japan to snowboard, then squirrel suit from somewhere high into the biggest party in the world and drop some fire that night.

Favorite candy / snack? I love chocolate, but that means everything chocolate like cupcakes and brownies. My sweet tooth talking.

What do you drive? I’ve got a Saab 9.3 but lately I’ve been in a lot more taxis and a big shout out to Abdul - the best driver in the game, for those who know.

Kind of watch do you wear? I’ve been crushing on my new G-Shock lately because I like the way it stays close to my wrist at gigs and doesn’t slide around.

Favorite Sneakers? I love skate shoes, and at the moment my favorites are on my feet, these black, patent leather Vans because – they’re here.

Favorite cartoon or video game character? Super Mario Brothers. They look out for each other.

Can't leave home without? That’s easy! Headphones and my music, which is thankfully on storage drives now, because my CD books were heavy.

First DJ you ever saw live? DJ Dad was first, but I remember sneaking into Crobar when I was 17 for a Tiësto show.

Most embarrassing performance moment? I feel kind of embarrassed to say I haven’t really had any big embarrassments (knocking on wood with my fingers crossed).

What DJ do you want to:

Hug? I love being in the middle of a Rebecca and Fiona hug.

Party With? Swedish House Mafia.

DJ alongside live? There are so many, but DJing with Erick Morillo in Ibiza sounds like a good time.

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