If you were to check the Richter scale on the evening of January 26th, I’m positive there was some seismic activity. Excision rolled through Chicago (or should I say vibrated) for his much anticipated executioner tour. The Congress Theater was packed early on, as many people were anxious to catch United Kingdom bred opener, Zomboy. This was Zomboy’s first adventure to Chicago; the way the crowd reacted when he set foot on stage you would have thought he was the headliner.

Zomboy played original hits “City to City (ft. Belle Humble),” “Nuclear” and “Gametime” to get the crowd warmed up before dropping Knife Party’s monster hit “Internet friends” and introducing the man of the hour, the executioner himself, Excision. Drapes dropped and Excisions massive executioner stage was visible for the crowd to gawk at. Jaws were being dropped around the Congress Theater, because I don’t think anyone realized how big his executioner setup was actually going to be. Stage setup was a smaller scaled version of Amon Tobin’s Isam, alike with the visual mapping and the dj being inside.

The sound system has never sounded better; you could truly feel every watt of Excisions 100,000 watt system. The crowd was loving it, there wasn’t a body that wasn’t dancing, hundreds of people were holding their arms up showing appreciation by displaying the signature “X.” Excision kept with his drum’n’bass and dubstep roots, but also sampled some of the new exploding genre known as trap. The set list was full of heavy hitting originals and other huge tracks by the likes of Flux Pavilion, Crizzly, and even a Bulls on Parade remix. Not only was the setup amazing but the lights and lasers just added more to it. This was truly a visual spectacle, and next time excision comes into town, I highly suggest not second guessing getting a ticket, because he has progressed so much since when the “X” tour came into town last year on 4/20 and will only be getting more excellent!

Written By: Derek Bogseth

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