The name Zomboy, you’ve probably been asked to elaborate on it a trillion times, how about you tell us in one or two words what listeners should think when they hear your stage name? High octane, fun and energy!

Besides the obvious, how would you describe your sound? I like to think of my music being melodic yet gnarly, naughty but nice!

What are your favorite books/resources/websites in terms of music production/DJing? I can't honestly say I do a whole lot of reading but when I do I tends to more traditional engineering mags such as sound on sound ect...

Did you have any teachers along your path? In terms of Zomboy and electronic music I kinda did it all self taught from the beginning, various tutorials on the Internet helped me along but it was more down to putting in my own time.

We hear hints of reggae music in some of your tracks, what other musical genres/artists do you use for inspiration? I look to all kinds of music to draw inspiration, strangely not so much electronic, more along the lines of folk, rock and metal!

Recently you have been getting a taste of the “Good ol’ USA” with the Dead Symphonic Tour, do you feel there is a difference between the US and UK dub crowds or is it all just one big mosh pit? Sadly I don't get to play the UK as much as I'd like to but American crowds certainly do seem to have a lot more energy and stamina when it comes to shows!

What have you learned from the artists you’ve met on the US tour? Not to play DnB..... I kid! I'd have to say places to eat and good coffee shops:)

During a live set, how do differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? I'd have to say energy and enthusiasm, something a lot of DJs lack!

How has the business aspect of the music industry has affected you? Mo' money... :D No, I've learnt a a lot of the ins and outs of the industry, how it works and also how it moves and progresses! Always good to have an eagle eye on all areas of your career.

What can we expect from Zomboy in 2013!? Lots more releases, tours, collaborations and parties!

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