Ahead of his upcoming release "Fever Dream Part II," elektro got the chance to chat with Atlanta producer Must Die! about his upcoming LP. Must Die! has a big year ahead of him in much more ways than just music! Check out what one of our favorite young producers has going on in the interview below and look out for "Fever Dream Part. II" out on Never Say Die November 8th!

When you began preparing for "Fever Dream Part II," what were you hoping to accomplish?

MD: I don't really know. It all started kind of vaguely with some demo ideas and then became this sort of ending chapter.

Is Part II strictly a continuation of Part I in terms of sound? Or is it in a completely new direction?

MD: Both, actually. It's taking Fever Dream pt. 1 and pushing it to the extremes while phasing in newer directions and sounds.

What are your influences behind the album?

MD: For this record, a lot of moody and dark tension and conflict. I wanted it to feel derelict and sparse while still maintaining that emotional edge.

Did you approach this album differently than your other releases?

MD: Absolutely. I strayed away from the cheery chirpy melodies and aimed for a darker, more sinister sound.

What are you most excited for on "Fever Dream Part II?"

MD: Glass Castle, definitely. It's the furthest step towards where I want to be right now.

What are you hoping fans will notice on Part II?

MD: I'm not quite sure. My head is in a bit of a fuzzy spot right now, musically. So I guess I just want them to take what they want from the record and enjoy the work I've put into it.

What does 2014 have in store for Must Die?
MD: A lot of new music and musical direction and a rebirth of the project, essentially. Shows and tours. Also, a wedding!

Congratulations Lee! Our next question is who will be DJing your wedding? ;)


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