Eats Everything is a very talented producer coming out of Bristol, the West Country’s Bass Central, that includes Julio Bashmore, Laurie Appleblim and Waifs & Strays. We sat down for an interview and don't forget that he has an EP coming out October 10 on Dirtybird titled, 'Vertigo.'

What DJ/Producer would you like to work with that have not already? Why? Mmmm, tough one. I would probably say a toss up between TEED & Disclosure because I love their music and I love them as people. Both projects are in the pipeline but it will have to wait until after summer.

Tell us about your up coming North American tour? I am very excited about it and am largely going to places I haven't been before bar Miami and Detroit (which are both amazing btw!). I love playing in the US because the ravers generally get the UK music and are really into it. The people are fucking friendly and the food is amazing!!! What more could you ask for? First Class in a gold plated plane would be the icing on the cake but I am a LOOOONG way off from that so...

What can fans expect? A large idiot playing music he loves to people that hopefully love it as much as he does!

What city are you most excited for? I think Montreal, and the only reason being that I have heard from very reliable sources (Justin and Claude Vonstroke) that the party I am playing is fucking mental!!!! Plus I get to hang out with those guys and I love those guys. The whole tour will be ace though.

What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2012? EP's on dirtybird and Futureboogie and a colab ep with Justin Martin on Hypercolour. Plus hopefuly no weight gain, I have done enough of that already!

Quickie with a DJ:

Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin? Alcohol, Mojito. Virgin, something with Cherries in it.

Scariest groupie moment? Haven't really had any, everyone has been lovely so far!

First job you ever had? Cleaning bread making machines in super bakery when I was 14

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Toss up between Pizza and Red Meat! Uh oh

Favorite Sneakers? Either Supra or Adidas, I have A LOT of both.

What can't leave home without? My legs.

First DJ you ever saw live? Where? DJ Ellis Dee, Evolution under 18's rave 1993 in Milton Keynes UK.

Most embarrassing performance moment? My 18th birthday, paralytic drunk, playing the same record four times, every record finishing and lifting the needle off of the wrong record virtually every time. So I'm told.

First album you bought? The first Queen - Greatest Hits in about 1988

What’s the best advice you ever got? From who? I have said this before but someone once said to me that you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter. Very sound advice.

Favorite piece of DJ equipment? Why? Pioneer CDJ2000. Currently I couldn't play without them as I use USB and Rekordbox

What DJ do you want to:

Hug? Justin Martin
Party With? Justin Martin
DJ alongside live? Justin Martin

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Aug 30 - St Louis @ Lola
Aug 31 - San Diego @ Voyeur
Sep 01 - Detroit @ TV Bar
Sep 02 - Miami @ Electric Pickle
Sep 03 - Montreal @ Piknic Electronic / dirtybird BBQ

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