Dusky recently announced that they will be releasing a four-track EP, Ordinary World. With the announcement of the EP came fans’ first taste of the release, which came in the form of the track “Jilted” — a track that the U.K. duo called “one for the ravers.” Shortly following was “Skin Deep,” which showed that they won’t be straying far from the house sound their fans have come to know and love. Now, they have unveiled a new track from the EP, "Parakeet Feet." Dusky writes on the track's Soundcloud page, "Techno in all its forms has always featured strongly throughout our DJ sets - as well as productions - and 'Parakeet Feet' is our homage to the big, rolling festival variants of the sound. There's definitely a melodic touch to the breakdown, as with a lot of our tracks, but the overall effect we aimed for was one of intensity and energy." The Ordinary World EP is set to be released July 31 on their own label, 17 Steps.

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