A couple months ago, the UK-based DJ, producer, and god of remixes, Adam Dyment (also known as the Duke Dumont) received wild love from fans for his track “The Giver.” While the original was an instant success, nothing could have prepared us for the rapid influx of remixes that flooded the music blogs and charts in the wake of the song’s release. As a result, Turbo Recordings has put out a compilation of four of the best remixes we’ve heard so far, including a mellow, deep, and funky version by label front-runner Tiga, a rhythmic fast-paced techno re-working by Lando Kal, a stripped-down and far-out departure from the original by Gingy and Bordello, and finally a bumping, sensual remix by Locked Groove that emphasizes the original’s soulful and loaded vocals. Sample them all on Beatport and let us know which one you like best!