Dressed in custom tailored skinny jeans and matching Italian leather shoes (very shiny!) and that famous slick pomade hair do, seems like your flipping through the pages of a fashion spread in Vogue. Not exactly... but Drop the Lime aka Luca Venezia, is making bold fashion statements of his own. While most DJs know how to rock the crowd with their music, Drop the Lime is in a class of his own. He makes it all look pretty damn sexy with his rockabilly 50’s inspired look combined with his “spaghetti western” bass sound. He is taking fashion and music to the next level. DTL can soon add fashion designer and even men’s haircare creator to his resume!

elektro sat down with him to discuss his music, fashion and even his signature hair for which he's, "actually in the process of making my own (pomade). It will come out next year but right now I’m using Sweet Georgia Brown, in the baby blue bottle," he tells elektro.

Look out for the full DROP THE LIME interview in Issue One of elektro, out February 7, 2011.

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