You're from Miami, have the big Miami presence, and finally playing Ultra this year… How does it feel?

Matt: “Unbelievable… Ultra is pretty much what got me into dance music. I went there 4 years in a row being a fan and one thing that was always a goal was… ‘man I want to be up there playing Ultra.”

Julio: “Its funny to think like just a year ago [playing ultra] was still a dream. Now it’s real.”

Matt: "We even used to work Ultra. Hospitality. In 2010."

Any stories from working Utra?

Julio: "I worked at the Carl Cox Tent… I stole Erik Morillo’s sunglasses.

Not trying to start DJ beef (Laughs)... we’re just kidding.
But really, from 2010 working Ultra with my cousin, ever since that day I was just like “this is such a sick festival it’d be amazing to play on this stage”… and now it’s happening."

Kicking off the Death to Genre’s tour with What So Not. What’s up? What are you guys excited for?

Matt: "Excited for just… this tour! Working with Emoh working with Flume. So glad to have them on the tour, they’re unbelievable. Fuck! Just being able to have our own tour. Here we are. Webster Hall – SOLD OUT."

You guys just finished a crazy tour. Can you tell us a little about that?

"We just came off a 6-month tour with Rihanna. Obviously just opening for her, but that was huge. Having your own tour though. These past two nights, we’ve had packed houses and It’s all for us... like, Wow."

Photos by Loren Wohl

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