The music video for David Guetta's newest collaboration with "Titanium" vocalist, Sia, has been released. The single, "She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)", is featured on "Nothing But The Beat 2.0", Guetta's repackaged edition of his smash album. The video begins with the image of naked woman standing at a cliff's edge, until we are presented with the scene of a bloody wolf being chased by a crew of dog sledders. The wolf's attackers begin to shoot arrows at the wolf, in attempt to kill it. It is at first unclear why they want to kill this wolf. Perhaps it is due to the wolf's apparent ability to morph the landscape and create explosions in coordination with the drops of Guetta's track. However, once the wolf has been chased to the same cliff's edge from the beginning of the video, we see the wolf transform into the naked woman, signifying that she is an actual She Wolf. In a time where many music videos seem to in no way relate to the songs they accompany, David Guetta has brought us an entertaining video that actually addresses the song itself, and in epic fashion.

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