Aside from Deadmau5 and his Purrari, it seems like big name DJs have no driving abilities. I mean first its Afrojack and his infamous Ferrari crash a mere two hours after his purchased it, and now this.

Looks like Miami Music Week is going swimmingly for Tiesto and Martin Garrix (no pun intended). The two were on their way to say hello to their friend (and fellow big name DJ who probably can't drive) David Guetta, when their boat crashed into Guetta's deck. They told TMZ that the boat's engine stalled, so they were unable to stop the boat from barreling into the dock.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and even the boat itself escaped without a scratch. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for David Guetta's deck. However, something tells me they'll be able to afford the repairs. Assumingly, Martin Garrix, Tiesto or LIV owner, Dave Grutman who they were traveling with, will shell out the dough for it. They don't strike me as the penny-pinching type. Stay tuned for more Miami Music Week shenanigans, surely to come soon.

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