Justin Jay's been playing Dirtybird shows ever since VonStroke found him spinning in LA, and as one of the Dirtybird Players, (the larger group of producers around the core 5),  his support for Claude VonStroke's shows has given him a unique ability to taste the Dirtybird style up front and center and on a regular basis (he just played Marquee NY with the Dirtybird founder). Justin recently remixed Claude VonStroke's "Sugar & Cinnamon," taking the chance to put his own spin on things.

Where VonStroke filled the original with his Urban Animal funk complemented by vocals from Barry Drift, Justin's dressed up the beat with some complexity and new sounds. After speeding it up from 120 to 123, the 19-year-old producer gives the original a fresh twist with a more elaborate rhythm section. The most prominent change is the deeper flavor Justin brings to the track, which rises into prominence two and half minutes in. The looping of chopped vocals makes it feel like a more traditional deep house / tech-house track, all the while maintaining the Dirtybird grease. While this all makes for a wonderful remix that will shake dancefloors effortlessly, VonStroke's knack for creating rounded production with a few choice elements means the original will always be great.

See you on the dancefloor,

Jesse Wheaton

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