This past weekend saw the return of Swedish duo Cazzette to Lavo on the first leg of a series of US shows to promote their new release Eject. Lavo has become one of the more exclusive hotspots for dance music in NY, hosting the likes of Armin and Avicii in recent months (and Arty the night prior to Cazzette). The show is a testament to the break-out of Cazzette in 2012, following strong momentum towards the end of last year (as a comparison, nearly the same time last year, Cazzette was opening up for Dada Life at Lavo).

It is worth commenting briefly on the nightclub in the basement (I have previously been to the Lavo restaurant upstairs - the meatballs are mouth-watering). The nightclub itself is a fairly intimate setting, smaller than the usual venue which is appropriate given the vibe Lavo aims to establish among peers active in the dance music scene. As demonstrated by the sound system during Cazzette’s set, however, it does boast one of the better, crisper (and louder) sound systems out there.

After a warm-up set from the opening DJ which transitioned from minimal into more mainstream electro house tracks, Cazzette took over at 1am, at which point, the energy of the crowd leaped to another level. For nearly the next few hours, Cazzette dropped originals [‘The Rat’ to the recently premiered ‘Beam Me Up’], the duo's remixes of mainstream tracks [Jay-Z and Kanye West ‘Ni**as in Paris’ and Rihanna ‘Where Have You Been?’], and other prevalent favorites as of late [Plastik Funk & Tujamo ‘Who’] among others. The visuals, lasers and backdrop LED screens in particular, were quite effective and enhanced by the intimacy of the venue. With all things said, it was an energy-filled, loud performance put on by Cazzette that serves to show their continued rise in the scene (and Lavo's presence as an epicenter in the New York dance music scene).

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