Late last year French techno heavy Brodinski launched his own label Bromance, with a mission statement of exploring the possibilities of two cultural entities being brought together (cheekily referenced in the imprint’s name). For EP #4 it has again solicited the services of fellow Frenchman Gessafelstein, who also manned the label’s debut release alongside Brodinski.

Gesaffelstein AKA Mike Levy is here referencing some of the more obscure, but still hugely influential electronic sounds of early 90s nightclubs. Both ‘Depravity’ and ‘Belgium’ hark back to the harsh sounds of the industrial dance scene, made famous by bands like Front 242 and Front Line Assembly. They’re both big enough to infiltrate the peaktime buildups of the even trance scene, yet abrasive enough to land in the record box of an underground techno DJ.

'Rise of Depravity' is an intriguing EP with an eye cast towards electronic music’s past, while still grounded in a modern techno aesthetic.

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