Set to open inside of Frankfurt’s Children’s Museum in 2017 will be Germany’s very first techno museum. And while it won’t be the first museum of its kind internationally (a title belonging to Detroit’s EXHIBIT 3000), it has potential to be the biggest — which will be solely dependent on how much support the self-funded museum gets in these very exciting formative years.

Local DJ, producer, and club owner Andreas Tomalla is the brain child of The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM), and has been vigorously working with a team to develop this dream into reality.

Throughout techno history, Tomalla has always been known to be a trendsetter. In 1984 he started Technoclub, the first electronic music party in South German city under the alias Talla 2XLC. In these regards, MOMEM’s production and exhibits will be just as provocative and state of the art. There will be something for all the senses, using interactive exhibitions as a way to connect people to the musical experience – as one would only hope for a music museum. All aspects of the evolution of electronic music will also be represented, from instruments and technology, brimming out to clothing and so much more. Arguably though, the MOMEM’s biggest selling point will be the available DJ workshops and regular live events.

Without a doubt, the anticipation for the MOMEM has reached international levels of hype. Not only will Germany gain a new and titillating techno experience, our beloved culture will be given a chance to streamline insight, growth, and gain power to the techno movement.

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