Bounce Boat is back this summer, and they're hitting NYC with a bang! This world premier dance cruise has evolved tremendously, and will be hitting the high seas of the Hudson River with an increased capacity of 1,200 people. Taking extreme measures to bring a wide range of musical genres--trap, progressive, house, disco, deep house--Bounce Boat has teamed up with some incredible acts including Just Blaze, Designer Drugs, Capital Citites, and Brenmar to provide a top-notch yacht experience for all during the month of July.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, a fully sound-integrated LED light system, and spacious facilities on all three floors including the Skydeck, the 2014 summer tour is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Like any magical sundae, there is always a cherry on top: Bounce Boat has partnered with Uber to provide guests with a complimentary black car transportation to and from the boat ALL SUMMER LONG for up to $25 (new users only). Tickets can be purchased HERE, and when you do all of your Uber information will be emailed to you.

The August and September dates will be announced at a later time, but who can think that far ahead when you've got four blessed weekends in July to look forward to?!

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