If you're looking to hear something new from an artists that you've probably never heard of before, then it’s always good to look at a record label you love and sift through their catalogue. In recent years the Dirtybird record label headed by Claude VonStroke has been putting us up on a slew of up and coming artists who have us thinking, “Why have I not heard of this brilliant artist?" Where do they find these artists who are lurking in the underground? Only the Dirtybird label head could answer that one but we'll just have to keep our ears to the ground as best as possible.

Next to make their Dirtybird debut is the collaboration between Billy Kenny and Abby Jane, two German producers who are making a major statement with their I Operate EP. The Dirtybird crew has had their eye on Billy Kenny ever since his track "Work" tore up the dancefloor at last year’s Dirtybird BBQ series. The title track from the new release features a wonky bass oriented house rumbler with the hypnotic vocal sample, “(at night) I operate.” The sub bass will rattle any club or warehouse where it's played and is definitely a certified Dirtybird track. On the flip side is "The Chord March," which focuses on a symphonic synth melody that is both creepy and uplifting with a progression that draws the listener in with a catchy riff. This release is creating some much deserved awareness for Billy Kenny and Abby Jane who, hopefully, we will be seeing much more from in the near future. Billy Kenny & Abby Jane's I Operate EP is due out April 6.