Our favorite boys from San Diego are back from a long hiatus in the studio to bring us their latest EP, The Future Is Now. Known collectively as Back From the Future, Cheyenne and Joe open up their EP with the bassline-driven kicker, "What They Gonna Do." This one brings a massive dose of energy and a touch of thug with hip hop samples by Lil Jon. Next up, "Wide Awake" creates a stunning atmospheric contrast with its liquid melodies and warm aura of glowing vocals. Don't be fooled by its seeming innocence, though - there's a sudden attack of bass that hits you out of nowhere like the after-taste of a sour-patch kid. Lastly, the title track, "The Future Is Now," features the raw energy and muscle of Ben Harris's brawny rap vocals and provides the ultimate climax to the EP before the compilation rounds out with "Hood Rat," a futuristic Tron-like soundscape of razor sharp electro synths and dirty sinister drops. If this is what the future sounds like, we can't hardly wait to see it. Download The Future Is Now today for your audio pleasure.