Photos courtesy of Al Powers, PowersImagery.com

Las Vegas may be one of America’s most recent dance capitals, but when it comes to luring spectacular talent and putting on unforgettable parties, perhaps nobody does it quite like Marquee. Last weekend, Marquee played host to techno pioneer Richie Hawtin. Now, the Vegas club may have its fair share of commercial music and velvet-rope syndrome, but if Hawtin’s reception at mega-club is any indication, Vegas definitely has an audience that’s ready to explore a different direction. Taking the lead from opening artists Benny Benassi and Brett Rubin, Hawtin truly captured the audience—whether techno connoisseurs or neophytes—and made sure the dance floor remained filled with swaying bodies. Perhaps we underestimated Sin City; the turnout for Hawtin’s performance clearly demonstrates an audience looking for more than just anthems and bangers.

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