Even if you’re unfamiliar with Axwell Λ Ingrosso, chances are you’ve heard their latest single, "Something New," which is featured in the #SoloSelfie commercial from Beats by Dre. Aside from tearing up the charts, the single hinted at the new direction for the duo formerly of Swedish House Mafia.

Now, the duo has released the official music video for the single, which takes its viewers through a long strip of desert road. While along the way with two motorcyclists (who are probably meant to be Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso themselves), we pass a multitude of cars with people of all ages singing along with the track's vocals.

This video, directed by Ian & Cooper, is just one of several new videos we will be seeing from Axwell Λ Ingrosso. The duo recently released a couple teasers for their forthcoming music videos for their tracks "On My Way" and "Can't Hold Us Down." As the teasers show, these videos will have actual storylines, and the two music videos are likely to be connected in their plots. Though what the plots of the videos actually are remain unclear, it seems both Axwell and Ingrosso are in a bit of hot water with some rough and tumble gangsters, and must partake in some kind of illegal Fight Club-like gambling event in order to pay off their debts. However, the brief "Can't Hold Us Down" teaser shows that perhaps not everything goes according to plan. Either way, it should be very entertaining to watch unfold. Stay tuned for more information on these videos coming soon.