Yesterday, former Swedish House Mafia members Axwell Λ Ingrosso released the cinematic music video for their single "On My Way," which showed the duo training for a Fight Club-like showdown against each other until it was revealed that the two were working together and splitting the winnings of the fight. That is until their cover is blown, and the video ends with them being chased by the duped mob.

Today, they've released the continuation of the music video's storyline, which begins with them being chased by the angry gamblers. After the woman who Axwell sees on the street in the first music video comes to their rescue (or so it seems) by blowing up her own car while the mob is in pursuit, the video takes a strange turn. You'd think Axwell and Ingrosso were about to catch a beating, but instead, it looks like the intimidating mob bosses just want to have a dance off. Turns out this is also not the conclusion of the storyline. This video, like the previous one, ends with a "to be continued." Stay tuned for the follow up music video to come soon.

As for the track, it brings a different sound than the pop radio-friendly sound exemplified in the previous two singles from the duo, "Something New" and "On My Way." This one is a heavier, energetic electro tune that will certainly serve them well as they headline Ultra Music Festival and Coachella in the coming weeks. The track is not yet available for download on iTunes in the U.S., but stay tuned for release information to come soon.

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