One can try to acoustically locate the faceless producer that is ATTLAS but as of yet no one has been successful. While rumors may suggest a possible alias for Deadmau5, Joel Zimmerman quickly dismissed the speculation back when ATTLAS first stormed the scene with “Sabs” for We Are Friends: Volume 3. And while a good mystery might intrigue listeners, the talented producer certainly doesn’t need a recognizable identity to define who he is.

The Mau5trap entrant is clearly a well seasoned producer, and with the latest EP titled Siren, the release might just be the label’s next biggest hit. The seven track narrative is a well crafted compilation that marks the producer’s diverse skill set with enough trance stylings and melodic synths to satisfy any fan's craving. The release's opener, "Kayla," carries the all the house-like vocals for the EP, delivering lyrics that are sure to mesmerize even the coldest of hearts. The instrumental synth driven tracks to follow are nothing short of captivating. Want a tip? Listen to the "Overture" first for a taste of whats to come in the EP. The first six tracks are all equally impressive and masterfully built on a chant to the electronica gods. This EP is certainly one you'll want to hear to familiarize yourself with who might the Mau5trap's next big thing.