A packed house braved cold winds last Saturday to check out the hypnotic tunes Russian star Arty would deliver. After a warm-up set pumped the crowd up, Arty came out at 1 am to a sea of people ready to be taken on the ride of their lives. Arty no doubt delivered. He kept the crowd dancing the entire night through with his signature mix of heavy, bass-laden trance. Making expert use of both his own hit tracks along with those of his peers, the crowd was literally going nuts. The lack of space was no match to the power of his set and Pacha’s powerful sound system, as the crowd literally danced on top of one another in order to get their hip-shaking urges out.
The night was made even more special with an added cause for celebration, the birthday of Pacha NYC owner, Eddie Dean. Arty sent the man of the night a birthday tweet before heading into the club and delivered one heck of present by rocking the night well into the night. One would think the crowd would have had their appetite for partying satisfied by the end of Arty’s set around 5 am. One would think wrong. After being blown away, the crowd simply needed a quick recharge in the form of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Eddie D. to keep the night going.

Written by: Brian Merlano

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