The long-awaited music video for Alesso's "Years" is finally upon us. As we stated in a previous post about the music video's teaser, it highlights Alesso's impressive, rapid rise to fame in the EDM world. The music video takes you from the moment Alesso received his first keyboard to his first big show. As many producers are bound to go through, this road to success had some bumps in it, as the video shows was getting into a bar fight that left him bloodied. However, with a little inspiration from his brother, Alesso got back to the grind. Shortly after, Alesso leaves his demo on the windshield of Sebastian Ingrosso's car, which as we all know leads to his signing on the Ingrosso label, Refune Records. The rest, of course, is history. This music video gives the viewers the point of view of the producer himself through his short, but illustrious career so far.

UPDATED: @EDMFacts states: The scene at 2:30 in the music video references a true event where he sold his scooter to buy Apple Logic.

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