In true Miami fashion, being on a list meant nothing while waiting outside to get in., as Rolls Royce after Rolls Royce rolled up to the curb and unveiled the VIP of the night. With tables starting at $5,000 and entrance starting at $200, there was clearly a stark contrast between the crowd at SET and the crowd at Space where Afrojack would be taking clubbers deep into Spaces notorious after hour sessions later that night.

At around 1:30, the man himself came up behind the decks and spent a good 5 minutes letting SETS resident DJ finish off his opening as Afro just leaned over the corner and felt out the crowd. After feeling out the vibe of the night, Afrojack stepped up to relieve the Resident DJ and to do anything but that to the house hungry clubbers. As Afrojack took over control, Ne-yo's voice ripped through the air as he played his remix of Pitbulls “Give Me Everything." From the first beat bottles shot up into the air strobe lights and sparklers attached, as VIP hostesses pushed their way through crowded sides of the dance floor and to the VIP section directly in front of the DJ booth.

For 2 hours, Afrojack drilled banger after banger into the crowd by playing a high-octane set, keeping everyone's hands in the air and the energy level high and fast paced throughout the entire night. To no one's surprise, he was able to hold expectations high for his future visits and leaving more energy to the alcohol fueled patrons than they came with. Finishing off the night around 3:30 with the recently broken up Swedish trio's “Save the World,” his own breakthrough song “Take over Control,” Afrojack hopped onto the mic, apologized for having to cut things off so early and invited everyone to come see him perform in about 30 minutes at Space Nightclub in downtown Miami. A high energy 128 bpm night was driven by Afrojack's now trademark chugging from a bottle of Grey Goose, as he burned through about half a pack of cigarettes in the short 2 hour set, which perfectly summed up a night that can be described as "pure Afrojack."

Written by: Ian Tejeda

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