Alex Vlastaras, more commonly referred to as Aero Chord has provided the successor to Knife Party's "Internet Friends." You've heard of house, but have you heard of haunted house? Enter: "Saiko" (pronounced "psycho") — an electro-trap hybrid that's as much a death threat from your robot ex-girlfriend as it is the soundtrack to a Saw movie. Aero chord takes us from threat to sweat as he drops us into a bass so percussive it sounds like a drum roll on a tortoise's shell, responded to by bright rave stabs.

The track inflicts fear in an endearing way, giving people's generalized anxieties a clear focus point rather than letting them run rampant throughout our lives and remaining unidentified like the buzz of an air conditioner that's only noticed once it's turned off. Because a death threat from a robot ex-girlfriend is as ridiculous as ghosts in the floorboards, the tune entertains like a modern "Monster Mash" for people in their 20's. Catch this spooky tune in Aero Chord's sets during his Europe dates and his US summer slots. Check out the dates of his #AeroTour below.