Ten days before he was to perform at Pacha NYC, a buddy of mine showed me a video of Adam Beyer. I had no idea who he was or his sound, but I instantly fell in love with the music. What I thought would be another amazing night at Pacha turned out to be something even greater; so unexpected and worldly for those who had the chance to be there.

New York City was abuzz for Adam Beyer’s debut at Pacha – it seemed everyone would come out for this (and they did). The club was packed wall to wall, and for a techno night no less! If not to celebrate Pacha owner Eddie Dean’s birthday, then to experience Swedish dance music aside from Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and even Eric Prydz, although the two have performed together in the past. John Selway, who has released tracks on Adam’s own label, Drumcode, opened the night with a steady rhythm and groove before the unshaven (in reference to Adam’s Twitter) techno legend took to the decks at 2am.

Immediately, the crowd went wild to the hard sound of techno, or within the scope of its limits – a heavy beat chilled by a deep melody. A enduring dynamic was set for the night, and despite a few issues with the CDJs, which made for quite a dramatic suspense, Adam had it sorted so that by the brink of dawn, the dancefloor was still bumpin’ and nobody had any intention of leaving. So why not… By the time I headed out the door at 6:30am, there was still an outlandish thirty minutes left in Beyer’s set.

Adam admitted he had fun rocking Pacha – literally, he loved blowing the Pacha horn and thought the party could be bigger in the future with, perhaps, a Drumcode party? Here’s hoping.

Until then, you can enjoy another Drumcode star, Ms. Nicole Moudaber, at Pacha this Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Yuliya Skya

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