We spoke with Johnny Castro (formerly of Parachute Youth) about his new project  'YEAH BOY' and got the scoop on his groovin' new electronic disco/house "Cant Get Enough" EP out now on Big Beat.

The infectious melodies and lighthearted lyrics easily make Yeah Boy a welcomed addition to any summer playlist. Perfect for the upcoming days you'll spend on the beach, drinking in the sun, and dancing till dusk.

Stream the EP and get a taste for Yeah Boy as you read through our quick interview below...

The tracks on “Can’t Get Get Enough” have some crazy funky melodies… what was your inspiration / though process when approaching the initial sessions for these songs?
JOHNNY: Listening to the most recent Pharrell material got me hooked and that was my focus after first writing 'Cant Get Enough'. After that I tried to follow that same style and it was pure fun in the studio.

What were some of your earliest musical influences?
JOHNNY: I remember going out in Adelaide and seeing local australian DJ's like Ajax and Yolanda Be Cool always playing residencies at Electric Circus. I was always in the crowd just staring that alone was inspiration to get started.

Something you just can’t get enough of?  (Preferably not serious)
JOHNNY: Game Of Thrones...at the end of the Third Season (Fans you know what I'm talking about) when it finished, I sat on the couch staring for 30 mins.

There seems to be a ton of talent surging out of Australia lately.  Any new collaborations in the work with fellow Aussies? Any other collabs we should be looking out for?
JOHNNY: I've been working with a few aussie artists whilst I've been here. I recently had a session with The Presets. I'm sure we'll continue working overseas together.

If you ruled the world for a day, what would make mandatory?
JOHNNY: Free hugs.


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