Rising from the birthplace of EDM in the U.S., Detroit native Butch Clancy, has procured his much-deserved place among the most promising young up and coming talents. After conquering dubstep, he has now progressed to take on the trap movement. His releases so far have made his transition between genres look like the stuff of amateurs, despite is difficult technicalities. Now he’s released a doozy of a teaser, a trap remix of Wolfgang Gartner’s “Shrunken Heads.” This track will send trap fans into an absolute frenzy. This track is so rowdy it will instantly give you goose bumps as soon as the chaotic drop hits. Expect to see Butch emerge at the forefront of the trap movement with the likes of Heroes X Villains and DJ Sliink. Clancy is not simply messing around with new beats; he is effortlessly carving out his place in the trap world.

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