Wolfgang Gartner cheered up his sympathetic fans with a brand new Royksopp remix after canceling the rest of his Unholy Tour and all future dates due to health complications.  Gartner's version of "I Had This Thing" was released on Royksopp's label Dog Triumph on February 23, and comes to us as both an adrenaline surging work of electro-house production and a statement that Gartner's still proudly seated at the table of EDM royalty, chalice clenched tight.

Joey Youngman (aka Wolfgang Gartner) welcomed us to his rendition of the originally serene work with a 48-bar buildup spanning a minute and a half, culminating in a master mix just over seven minutes while the original is just five and a half minutes long.  Wolfgang's remix finds a golden balance between Gartner's emblematic distorted electro house and Royksopp's ethereal original. Appropriating the evolving synth pads in the original, Gartner omits the commonplace accelerating snare drum buildup and drops us straight into the percussive techlectro break (yes, we just coined a new genre). Listen to the track above, and check out his brilliant op-ed on social media, which was recently published on Medium.

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