The film Whiplash starring J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller, which was just nominated for Best Picture at sunday night's 87th Academy Awards, tells the story of an aspiring drummer who is pushed to the limits by his demanding band instructor. Now, comedy and sketch group Nacho Punch tell a similar story with their parody of the film, "DJ Wh1PLA$H," the story of an aspiring DJ who attends "Skrillex Academy" — one of the country's top EDM schools.

The video contains many parallels to the film's trailer (which you can watch below), while serving as a hilarious parody of big name DJs like Steve Aoki, Tiesto and even Pauly D. Containing references to stealing samples, molly, cake throwing, button pushing (or is it pressing?) and more, it's also a pretty relevant take on the existing EDM stereotypes.

In May of 2014, Saturday Night Live also took some jabs at EDM with their skit "When Will The Bass Drop?" which featured Lil Jon. It was another hilarious take on the EDM scene, yet also raised familiar questions about the music's credibility and authenticity. The mixed reaction from both EDM fans and artists told us that perhaps the skit hit a little too close to home for some viewers. The always opinionated Deadmau5 also voiced his thoughts on Twitter, saying that "SNL nailed it." Never a dull moment in this scene, am I right?

Watch the laugh-out-loud worthy Whiplash parody above, and watch real trailer for the film to see all of its similarities.