Dance/pop duo (We Are) Nexus' track "They'll Never Stop Me" supplies a bit of a different sound than the group has exhibited with tracks like "World Around Me," which earned numerous remixes that gave the track a wide range of club-friendly house and electro makeovers. Instead, they go a more indie/pop direction. Though this track, which is now available on iTunes, may lack the flavor that appeals to dance music fans, the track's remixes certainly pick up the tempo to make "They'll Never Stop Me" suitable for EDM's club and festival environments.

London-based trio Bimbo Jones to give the (We Are) Nexus track an old-school-inspired feel, while staying true to its feel-good rhythm with an electro-pop flair. New York's own Jose Nunez puts his own signature spin on it "They'll Never Stop Me" by pitching down the vocals and combining them with a dance-y rhythm for a pure deep house creation that is tailor made for the sound systems of Ibiza. Bringing the most energetic remix of the three-track bunch, German producer Sean Finn supplies a trance remix of the track that would put hands in the air at any of the world's biggest EDM festivals. It's an all-around solid collection of remixes that truly brings something for everyone. Check out the remixes above, and watch for more to come from each of these up and coming producers soon.