Friday night elektro got fancy and hit up renowned NYC club Lavo on 58th and Madison. As we walked in, the opener and resident DJ, Kyle Rayner, had the dance floor filled with people getting low to some deep house. Throughout his set he played a lot of unidentified progressive house and at times he incorporated jazz instruments that made his sound the only one of its kind.

Vicetone got on the decks around 12:40, and by that time this swanky basement was packed out with clubsters. During his set he also played a lot of progressive house mixed with fast pace beats and hard hitting bass that had us stomping our feet. He definitely pleased the crowed with lyrical favorites such as "Clarity" by Zedd and "I love It" by Icona Pop.

Throughout the night, bottle after bottle were brought to each and every table. At one point, half a dozen beautiful girls came out with multiple bottles of champagne and sparklers in hand which caught everyone’s attention. We were surprised to see ravers showing their love for lights at this lavish club by bringing their own light up LED glasses and getting crafty by taking light up ice cubes from bottle service tables to use as their own light show.

Overall the night was wild; people were having an amazing time, ourselves included! By 3am we were ready to call it quits but not only was Lavo still popping, but more people were entering as we were leaving! If you’re looking for a night of dancing, drinks and beautiful people Lavo NYC is the place to go!

Written by: Brittany Drygas

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