The folks over at Verboten sure know how to throw one hell of a party. After a killer premiere on July 4th, their StageOne Waterfront Series continued its “Somewhere in Brooklyn” theme, taking over the waterfront along Kent Avenue once again to deliver a heavy dose of techno and sleek house beats. The day started at 2 p.m. with Detroit legend Moodymann handling the booth. The sun was shining just right and the crowd was already pretty packed, making for a smooth and electric build up of energy and anticipation for the day-long dance marathon NYC’s finest were about to embark on. Following Moodymann was Lyon-based producer and DJ Agoria. The French artist gave no room for breaks to the dancing crowd, delivering a smooth and diverse set perfect for the day’s eclectic lineup as soon as he went up at 4:30 p.m. His summer-bathed daytime set fit perfectly for the setting as cool winds from the water cooled off insatiable dancers, unable to break away from the hypnotic call to move. Going on until just before sunset came calling, Agoria then gave way for the one and only Carl Craig. Although it was expected for Detroit’s techno icon to go on for a while before joining forces with Luciano for their highly anticipated back to back set, it was only about 30 minutes before his Swiss-born partner showed up alongside home. The following five hours – yes! Five hours! – were pure bliss. Although their musical styles aren’t extremely compatible with one another, the pair’s manning of the booth was as smooth as it was surreal to experience. Barely interacting directly with one another – the duo stood six feet apart for nearly their entire set – it seemed as Luciano and Carl communicated telepathically considering their seamless techno- and house-infused set. The entire crowd had immense to room to dance, greet one another, and bask in the heavenly music being delivered to them, all while the sun set against Manhattan’s iconic skyline into the night skies. Though the event was billed to go on until 10pm, no one – Luciano and Carl Craig included – left the premises until the stroke of midnight, making for a very memorable day. If the rare pairing of dance music’s largest titans wasn’t enough, party-goers dancing on the right side of the crowd were surprised to randomly spot Dennis Duffy (i.e. Dean Winters) from “30 Rock” soaking in techno beats alongside everyone. If that’s not a sign of a good time, then you just might not be any fun! Stay tuned for Verboten’s next installment on August 17th, featuring a Crosstown Rebel-filled lineup with Fur Coat, Amirali and Francesca Lombardo!

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