Ever wish you could make the volume on your Apple speakers louder to project just a tad bit more of sound and awesome music files? Well, now you can! Global Delight, a self-funded India-based developer, the folks behind the app Boom adds an extra control slider to the volume bar, which is user friendly and also allows users to create custom equalizer settings or use built- in presets. Boom is designed to make your go to an 11, by making your Mac go to a 10 volume.

The sound booster low-cost app Boom is available at the Apple store for $6.99. The newly released Mountain Lion version of Boom will boost sounds in Skype chats, games, Netflix movies, streaming YouTube videos or any sound that comes through the speakers. An innovative, useful app - makes us think, "Oh yeah, why didn't we think of that?" Either way, you know the folks here at Elektro Daily will using Boom to stream all the newest EDM tunes on max.

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