South Florida's Dave Mulvaney, known to trvp fans as Dasco, just released an independent remix to Troyboi's Diplo & Nina Sky collaboration "Afterhours." Dave made the original song's cover art his own by replacing Troyboi with himself. Most people shouldn't be able to tell the two cover arts apart because Dasco and Troyboi might as well be twins, just look at the similarity!

Gardens: stars
Photograph: Chad Powell
Further, the original Mad Decent release just got a video treatment from Aaron Dean & Nullah Sarker who brought the tune to life. Dancers with service industry day jobs are shown popping, locking and break dancing once the beat drops. Unfortunately for Troyboi, the drop came just as he was about to order some lamb over rice with white sauce. Sorry bro. Feel the midnight vibes by pressing play below:
Support Dasco by downloading the remix and support Troyboi by picking up the original!


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