If you’re a hockey fan like myself, you know that one of the coolest aspects of the game is the goalie’s mask. Each one is different, and reflects not just the team they play for, but also their personality, as well as their interests outside of the game. Some have even taken to showcase their love of music. Most famously, goaltender Chris Mason has worn many masks that feature images from his favorite band, Iron Maiden. Rarely does a musical act actually design the mask for the goalie, but that all changed last night, as world-renowned DJ-producer Tiësto appeared on the show “The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist” to do just that for one of his favorite players, and all for a good cause as well.

“The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist” is a mini-series on MSG Network in the Tri-State area documenting New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist and his celebrity friends creating custom masks for him to wear during games. Afterwards, the mask is donated to The Garden Of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with The Madison Square Garden Company to positively impact the lives of children facing obstacles.

Before the two superstars got around to creating their new mask, they spent some time together in New York City talking about their professions, their daily schedules and what they’ve endured growing up to get to where they are today. Starting off at Rudy’s Music Shop, the two bonded over classic guitars and their love of music in general. They then take a taxi over to Marquee Night Club, where Tiësto gives Henrik lessons on what it takes to be a DJ, including picking a name (he chose DJ Hank, because it sounded “very American”) and how to mix using his track “Red Lights” (“I don’t like red lights when it’s my end,” Lundquist joked. “Always on the other end!” Tiësto answered.)

Finally, they sit down and hash out what should be on the mask. The backplate has both the Swedish and Dutch flags, representing both of their heritages. On one side of the mask is Tiësto’s logo, as well as monuments to New York, Las Vegas, and Stockholm, paying homages to their new roots. On the other side of the mask is a caricature of Peter Stuyvesant, who was the first New York Governor (and is also of Netherlands descent). The final design is a beautiful piece of art, and is a perfect blend of both of their worlds.

You can check out photos of the mask itself and watch clips from the episode on MSG.com. Check out a shot of the finished product, complete with Tiësto’s famous logo below.

Tiesto Goalie mask for Henrik Lundqvist

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