Music and motion are two very distinct yet inseparable forms of human expression. Music could not exist without motion and dance could not exist without music. This symbiotic relationship is undeniable; motion (turning a knob) creates music (sound) which creates more motion (dance).

To explore those concepts further the makers of V energy drink commissioned a team of “aesthetic thinkers” known as Assembly to construct a video that pushes the notion of this relationship forward. The result is one of the coolest things I have ever seen; the construction of a machine that takes motion (dance) and turns into music and in essence turns this relationship upside down.

The music system works by connecting the X Box Kinect camera to Ableton Live. However instead of using Abelton’s usual physical interface, the system has mapped Abelton’s controls to body movements. “For example, when you touch your head with your left hand a certain loop could start. Or you could control the dry/wet filter with the distance between your hands.” One could literally make music by dancing as demonstrated by Josh Cesan who was the ‘Motion Artist’ tasked with playing the machine.

I hope to see a version of this made for home use one day but until then check out the video and read all about the project. Share this fascinating project with everyone you know and let the folks at Assembly know your thoughts.

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