With the multi-functionality offered by smartphones, the once ever-present mp3 player is pretty much a duplicate, unnecessary gadget. It’s more likely the mp3 player has experienced a reverse generational ‘pass me down,’ with the younger generation passing it onto their parents. Gizmodo recently reviewed the latest seventh generation iPod Nano, which is the thinnest yet (5.4 millimeters), adding a bigger screen (2.5 inch touch) and Bluetooth. The interface is easy to use, as one would expect from a touch screen nowadays. There are a handful of other positives (mainly the portability of it for active individuals) and negatives (the pedometer is woefully inaccurate). In the end though, Gizmodo agrees that it’s best for someone without a smartphone or looking for a compact, light device for their workouts.

Read the full review on Gizmodo.

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