Following the release of their collaboration with Brooklyn-based group Great Good Fine Ok, "Let You Go" (which also earned a hilarious NSFW music video), The Chainsmokers have returned with a brand new track, "Good Intentions." While many know the NYC duo from their hit track "#SELFIE," this track brings the kind of sound that they exhibit throughout most of their productions. It supplies an uplifting sound, complete with an electro-pop feel and an energetic synth-driven drop.

However, the track also has lyrical value. The Chainsmokers talk about the song's meaning on the track's Soundcloud page, saying, "This song is dedicated to all the fuck ups out there! Everyone who set out with the best intentions but ended up messing up. The guys doing illegal shit to make ends meet for themselves or family, the ppl who stepped of the house for a minute to buy smokes but ended up coming home at 4am, and the ppl who drop ppl during trust falls."

They even added four times that they had good intentions, yet things went wrong:

"1) #Selfie
2) In the LYG video when Alex Let drew have a 3some with them and he ended up eating ass at the end
3) American Idol
4) Drew peeing his pants in a taxi after gallantly dropping a friend off first"

The Chainsmokers, just like in the aforementioned music video for "Let You Go," once again show their sense of humor, all while bringing a track that all of their fans are sure to enjoy. The track is now available on iTunes via Disruptor Records / Sony Music.