The Chainsmokers have certainly become known for their sense of humor. Now, they have released a hilarious, NSFW music video for their new single "Let You Go" featuring Brooklyn-based electro-pop group Great Good Fine Ok providing the catchy track's vocals.

Most people would be uncomfortable in a third-wheel situation (that includes both the couple and the extra person). However, not Alex and Drew of the Chainsmokers. After a long day of drinking, one thing leads to the other, and well, they find themselves in an intimate situation with the same girl. This evening of romance comes with paddles, handcuffs, gloves, rubber.... um, toys... power tools? Okay, maybe "romance" is the wrong word here. For the sake of not being too graphic with our description, watch the video above. Just make sure you're not in a public setting when you do.

"Let You Go" is now available on iTunes via Dim Mak Records.