Future house innovator Tchami has announced that he is going to be releasing a new EP After Life. Coming with this announcement is the unveiling of the EP's lead single by the same name. "After Life," featuring vocalist Stacy Barthe, beautifully exemplifies the sound that fans have come to associate with the French producer. The track's soothing synths and vocals create a tranquil opening to the track before the energetic build and chaotic, dance-y future house drop.

The accompanying music video brilliantly explores the track's theme. A man on a beach is brought out to water and drowned by a siren. It's emblematic for every life's end — acceptance, fear, resistance and bewilderment are all human emotions associated with death represented in the video. "Where do I go in the after life?" is the "spiritual question" that the track raises (and it's an appropriate one from someone who constantly wears a priest's outfit). While the answer is unknown, death's inevitability serves as the video's daunting, untimely end.

There's something to be said about the music video ending at the 2:58 mark. The full track is 4:53 long, alluding to the fact that life is sadly, shorter than expected for many. After all, the man who is the subject of the music video is not very old. It's another layer to Tchami's portrayal of life and death in the new single.

Details on the After Life EP have yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more music and information from the release to come soon. Listen to the full track below.

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