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Spring Breakers Soundtrack Out Now
Its that time of year again—hoards of scantily-clad college students are ditching the classroom and hitting the nearest beaches, bars, and clubs to slack off, party-it-up, and rage for the next seven days. Skrillex, Cliff Martinez, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and some others promise to provide a fulfilling soundtrack to the debauchery, in the official release of the score from Harmon
Spring Breakers Trailer featuring Skrillex
Skrillex's music is showing range from being featured in the animated film Wreck-It-Ralph to having music in the raunchy "Spring Breakers." The film tells the story of four sexy college girls as they plan to fund their spring break getaway by burglarizing a fast food shack...
Certified Trap Episode 1
Certified Trap Episode 1
Club Tapes recently premiered episode I of their newest mini-documentary series 'Certified Trap,' which attempts to unpack the burgeoning marriage between electronic and 'trap' music. The episode is about 20 minutes long, with extensive footage shot in my resident city of Atlanta, Georgia...