Interview by Mark Wolf 

To Start, any cool stories from your world travels?

Well I just arrived in Miami yesterday to play with my homie Nicky Romero at the Protocol Reboot and now I'm about to defy all time and logic by flying to Vegas for my residency at Light, then flying directly back to Miami for my set at Ultra with barely enough time to brush my teeth in between.

A crazy story that went down in Asia was when I did this crowd surf and the people from the crowd took both my sneakers and sweatpants so I had to finish my set in my underpants. I'm glad I wore underwear that day because I was seriously debating it haha. So I ended up getting some weird looks from the stewardess after I got on the plane with only my socks on since I didn't bring another pair of shoes. Walking through customs in socks is pretty weird too haha.