Every year, the festivals that showcase our scene get bigger and better. Shows have gone from one day, to a whole weekend, to sometimes two straight weekends, and festival organizers have taken their brands and created off-shoots of their main festivals to markets all over the world.

The Ultra Music Festival, which will soon be commencing from it’s original hub in Miami, Florida at the end of this month, has just announced two more locations in Asia for it’s Ultra Worldwide brand of festivals. Up first will be Macau on June 13, at the 30,000 square foot Club Cubic inside the casino complex City of Dreams (this will be UMF’s “Road To Ultra” brand of single-stage shows), and then Bali, Indonesia on September 25 at the Potato Head Beach Club and W Hotel. No lineups have been announced yet for either show.

Both locations are booming nightlife destinations, and are great locations for traveling ravers looking to visit exotic locations with a rich culture when not heading to the clubs. For more information, visit the official Ultra Music Festival Worldwide website, and stay tuned to Elektro for all things UMF.

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