Three years after the release of his last album Ufabulum, Squarepusher has returned, announcing his brand new album, Damogen Furies, which is set for release on April 20 via Warp Records. It will be his first release since his 2014 EP Music For Robots. 

In December of 2014, Squarepusher (real name Tom Jenkinson) told BBC 6 Music that his newest music is part of a new experimental live show that he is working on, which he will be introducing on March 18 at London's Barbican. "The essence of it is that it will be very fast, very experimental," he tells BBC 6 Music.

Since earliest sonic experiments, he has constantly strived to push the boundaries and limits of music – and will bring this to the stage for a unique night at the Barbican. "It'll be an evening of extremity," says the U.K. producer. You can buy tickets to his anticipated show at the Barbican on the venue's official website.

Barring the event's success, this new live experience is something he hopes to bring to the stages of festivals. Jenkinson says, "the music I'm writing is born to be heard at a very high volume on stage accompanied by a visually slamming presentation." It can only be imagined that his vision will translate to the highly-produced stages of festivals comfortably.

Squarepusher has given fans their first piece of the album, offering up the track "Rayc Fire 2" for free download. Head to the official Squarepusher website to download, and watch the teaser for Damogen Furies containing the new track above.

Damogen Furies Track list:
1. "Stor Eiglass"
2. "Baltang Ort"
3. "Rayc Fire 2"
4. "Kontenjaz"
5. "Exjag Nives"
6. "Baltang Arg"
7. "Kwang Bass"
8. "D Frozent Aac"