It seems like artists all over, whether they are electronic artists or not, are all looking to grab some studio time with superstar DJ-producer Skrillex. We recently reported that Skrillex was enjoying some studio time with rapper Tempa T, after the popular U.K. artist shared a vine on his Twitter that shows Skrillex dancing to the rapper’s new single “Next Hype.” While there has been no confirmation that there will be a collaboration coming from them, it is very likely that Skrillex may appear on the production notes of Tempa T’s forthcoming album,  It’s Bait, It’s Bait, set for July 7 release. Now, another rapper has sought out the production expertise of the OWSLA leader.

Atlanta rapper OG Maco (famous for the track “U Guessed It,” which took the hip-hop world by storm) recently teamed up with Heroes x Villains on their latest hit “Living Life,” a track that brings the hip-hop and electronic music worlds together. Now, he is taking his endeavors into the electronic music world even deeper, partnering with Skrillex for a new collaboration. A few weeks ago, OG Maco tweeted, "Me and Skrillex made some RAGE last night." Now, a video has surfaced of the two artists in the studio together, which previews the hard, trapped out forthcoming creation that may be aptly titled, "Rage." Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more information as this collaboration develops.