Popular U.K. rapper Tempa T has been enjoying some studio time with superstar DJ-producer Skrillex recently. Back on April 18, he shared a vine on his Twitter that shows Skrillex dancing to the rapper's new single "Next Hype." Over the weekend, he shared a video on his Instagram that shows Tempa T rapping over a track with Skrillex in the studio (seen above), and another video of Skrillex enjoying a listen to Tempa's new album (seen below). While there has been no confirmation that there will be a collaboration coming from them, it is very likely that Skrillex may appear on the production notes of Tempa T's forthcoming album,  It’s Bait, It’s Bait, set for July 7 release. This collaboration would certainly be a power-packed union that will make waves through both the electronic and hip-hop music worlds.

Skrillex has certainly established himself the king of the collab. At the 2015 Ultra Music Festival, Jauz treated the crowd to a preview of his forthcoming release alongside Skrillex — a hard-hitting fusion of both producers’ styles that also features the vocals of Fatman Scoop. In late February, Dutch trap trio Yellow Claw also gave their fans a taste of their forthcoming track with with the OWSLA leader while on tour. On top of that, Skrillex will also be working with disco-pioneering legend Giorgio Moroder on composing the score for the TRON video game. On the label side, OWSLA will also be releasing a new album from Kill The Noise. Needless to say, 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Skrillex and his fans. Stay tuned for more information on these forthcoming releases to come soon.